Secrets to Selling Your Home

Dated: September 10 2019

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Secrets to Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. And depending on the current market, it can be a challenge. But there are some secrets to help you sell your home.

Determining your home’s value in today’s real estate market requires more than guesswork. And you don’t want your decisions biased by your emotions. Here are some things to consider:

Take an honest look at your home

Emotions can blur the way you look at your home’s value, often causing sellers to overprice their home.

When selecting the list price, step back and try to be objective and reasonable so you can come up with a fair selling price that will capture the attention of buyers.

Don’t rely on websites to determine home values

Websites such as Zillow and can be a great place to start when looking at homes online and getting general information. But don’t rely on those websites to provide the most up-to-date and pricing and data. They are not always accurate and such secondary sites are not as reliable as the MLS.

Avoid overestimating how your home’s value increased

Many people think that they can purchase a home and it will just magically increase in value over time. The recent economic downturn showed that even with real estate, this is not always true. The real estate market is constantly changing and what you paid has absolutely nothing to do with your home’s actual value today.

Get a current appraisal

What your home appraised for several years ago means nothing. Only a recent appraisal, within the past 3-6 months, should be considered accurate.

Don’t price for negotiation

Another mistake many make is thinking you should price your home higher so you have room to negotiate later. If you overprice your house, you will eliminate your most serious buyers. As a result, your house could then sit on the market longer and the price will have to be reduced anyway.

Take one step at a time

When determining a list price, don’t factor in the cost of the home you want to buy. This has absolutely nothing to do with the value of your home. You do not price your house based on how much you need to put down on your next home.

These are just a few of the secrets to think about when determining the price for selling your home. Remember, listing your home at a fair and knowledgeable price will likely help you sell quicker. But keep in mind, there is much more to selling than simply finding the right list price. Ask me for more details and discover how I can help with your real estate needs.

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Secrets to Selling Your Home

Secrets to Selling Your HomeSelling your home can be an emotional experience. And depending on the current market, it can be a challenge. But there are some secrets to help you sell your home

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